5 top tips to look at when making an unfair dismissal claim!
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There are many things to consider when making an unfair dismissal claim. Some of these things are such that if not properly looked at by london employment lawyers they may be very fundamental to one’s claim. They include

Did the employee breach the terms of his agreement: this is in fact the first tip to consider before making an unfair dismissal claim. The first question that the court would ask is, did the employee breach the terms of his agreement? If he didn’t then it validates the unfair dismissal claim and this entitles him to so many remedies.

Was the employee’s employment backed by statute: unfair dismissal claim only accrues to contractual agreements that are backed up by statutes. This statutes form the basis for any action on the unfair dismissal claim.

Was there any form of notice or payment in lieu of notice: another thing that the employee needs to consider is whether any form of notice was given or payment was given in the place of notice and if whistle blowing is involved you must know whistleblowing protection acts in the work place. This is very fundamental to any claim.

What kind of remedy does the employee desire: whether the employee desires to be reinstated or compensated would depend on his prayers in a competent court of law but this he must consider before going to court.

Would the decision favour his claim: the employee has to decide whether the claim would favour him or not and this would depend on the advice of his counsel.

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